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Character Traits of Odysseus in Homer´s Odyssey Essay

Even though their leader had been absent for more than a decade, many citizens were still loyal and hopeful of his return.

The Odyssey, Odysseus Character Analysis

The relationship between Eumaeus the swine herd, Philoetius the goat herd and Odysseus demonstrated the strong personal bond that he had with all of his people. Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. Example Essays. Odysseus - character traits.

Odysseus in The Odyssey

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Achilles was the only one interested in the weapons and when Odysseus sounded the horn, Achilles picked up a weapon and blew his disguise. Perhaps one of the most famous instances where the Greek showed his intelligence was when he planned to attack the Trojans by gifting them with a Trojan horse after Helen of Troy was abducted. Inside the hollow horse were soldiers who attacked the Trojans while they were drunk and asleep.

Confidence Odysseus wanted to go back to Ithaca despite knowing that it will take him years of challenges and hardships. He was confident enough that he had the intelligence, weapons and machinery to make this happen. He believed in himself that he was able to convince his men to follow his orders and listen to what he said.

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Gilgamesh and Odysseus were designed to confront the outer limits of human existence and then to bring back knowledge extracted from this extreme perspective Launderville. Odysseus could be categorized as a hero because his son Telemachus was born on the day I left Ithaca's home and made his wife Penelope fight in the Trogon war. Epic heroes are struggling and overwhelming. They are men with extraordinary strength and supremacy. In other words, Odysseus confronts similar problems, when he was in the Trojan War, traveling back to Ithaca.

Odysseus was also confident that he can inspire and motivate his men which made it possible for him to lift their morale during the war. Ambition With his confidence and courage, Odysseus had the goal to win the Trojan War and be recognized as a hero. Just like other gods, he wanted to have a higher status and be known in his society.

Character Analysis

It was also his goal to return to Ithaca and to his wife and son despite learning that there were already many suitors surrounding Penelope during his years of absence. Physical Strength Apart from Odysseus traits, he also possessed strength of body. He was able to steer a boat all by himself while passing the raging sea, caused by Poseidon.

Odysseus did not only have mental strength but physical strength as well. When his men were tied at the bottom of the ship, he was the last one to hold on until he was able to escape. Nobility Odysseus also showed that he was a man of sublime character by treating all his men equal even if he had a higher than some of them.

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Also, this nobility was also shown with how he treated his son. While he was disguised as a beggar and his son entered the room, he offered his seat to the boy.

Essay about The Traits of Odysseus

Pride Odysseus was also affected by his ego or pride. Despite the warning of not taking the cattle with him to his journey out of Helios, he still went through with it. Also, he refused to make sacrifices when it came to his men both as a sign of his loyalty to his crew and his being proud. Love of Glory Odysseus, like most Greek heroes, manifested his passion for glory by his wanting to return as a hero of the Trojan War. He loved fame and glory. This was perhaps one of the reasons behind his extreme desire to return to Ithaca after twenty years.

Apart from his goal to be with his wife, he also wanted to regain his throne. Lastly, his passion for fame almost always brought hi trouble. He was known to spread his story at every chance he got and one example was when he fought the Cyclops. While he was escaping, he taunted Polyphemus, he was shouting his name.

In order to test himself, he went against instructions given to him. Circe, for example, advised him on how he can go home and told him to sacrifice some men.

He defied this and continued with his journey.