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A Study On The Influences of Advertisement On Consumer Buying Behavior

In particular, this trend has major and complex implications on the technological strategy of a company and on its product innovations.

Even though it is increased eco-awareness of Malaysian customers during the past few decades, there are some barriers to the diffusions of more ecologically oriented consumption and production styles. Therefore, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of green marketing concepts. The purpose of study was to investigate the consumer attitudes and perceptions towards eco- friendly products in FMCG sector and their willingness to pay on green products.

This study was based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from the sample survey that was conducted in the three districts in western province such as Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Petaling Jaya. The questionnaire was designed to obtain the consumers attitudes and perception regarding eco-friendly FMCG products under four value added areas such as product designing, packaging, place and promotion that lead towards the motivation of consumption.

The secondary data were collected from relevant journals, books and other published data. The study revealed that the green products have substantial awareness among Malaysian customers and they are willing to pay something more on green products. The majority of customers considered that package is most important element of such products. The researchers have recommended some marketing strategies to meet changing mind set of customers towards the green products. The whole World is identifying the need of the Green Marketing, Environmental Marketing and Ecological marketing which gives the same meaning to the research area.

Although environmental issues influence on all most all activities in our day today lives, there were only few academic disciplines have discussed green issues in Malaysian market context. Especially from Malaysian business discipline, Fast-moving consumer goods FMCG sector is a considerably large sector in the economy which has to open their eyes on eco friendliness. As society becomes more complex with the environmental pollution and unethical business practices, now both consumers and business organizations are concerned with the natural environment. So businesses have begun to modify their behavior in an attempt to address this society's "new" concerns.

The FMCG sector is one of growing industry that concern about the green marketing issues. Most of marketing practitioners are using green elements as powerful marketing tools. In this context, this study focus on examine the consumer attractiveness towards green products of FMCG Sector. Global warming was one of the environmental degradation signals that were a serious worldwide issue encountered by all global people in recent years.

The negative impact of global warming includes melting glaciers in Arctic. If the melting rate continuously increased without rescue action taken by people, the Arctic could be ice-free in Natural Resources Defense Council. It can be predicted that sea level could accelerating rise until an uncontrollable level in future. Many countries will be disappear due to inundated by the sea. On the other hand, global warming will weaker ozone layer and caused about , people in a southern Chile city exposure to very high level of ultra-radiation due to ozone depletion and cause human suffering from cancer Njie, Drastically change in climate also one of the impact of global warming.

According to BBC News , Typhoon Kestana occurred in Vietnam has destroyed or damaged about , homes and caused around , people homeless. Meanwhile, the storm also affected nearly 2 million people in Philippine and caused more than , people homeless Conde, Apart from global warning, rapid industrialization that caused pollution in landfill, water and air also led to another environmental degradation signal. China has undergoes rapid industrialization and successfully become the second-largest economy in the world in year However, it does exacerbate its environmental deterioration.

The water pollution caused high cancers rates in China due to consumption of contaminated water that polluted by vary types of industrial sewage such as cadmium, lead, indium, zinc and other metals. Besides, air pollution does happen in China and it reached a crisis level. This cause millions of people in China are suffer under the smog every day. According to World Bank study as cited in Tan, , approximately , people die prematurely in China annually from those diseases related to the air and water pollution that are highly and continuously exposure to China people.

Besides, many others environmental degradation and harmful activities that performed in the modern economy have always led to environmental issues and it always caught the attention of worldwide citizens. Through the efforts of government and society in education and publicity works, many people around the world are well informed the threats, negative impacts and consequences that endanger their environment are caused by the irresponsibility companies and their irresponsibility behaviour towards their environment.

Hence, many environmental issues related terms such as air and water pollution, unexpected and rapidly change in climate, deterioration problem of ozone layers, and so on are quite well known by individuals. After realize the seriousness problems towards environmental issues, people from worldwide are willing to implement their own responsibility to safe and protect their environment because they believe their efforts can improve their quality of life in the future.

This indicated that Malaysia has enjoyed one of the least polluted environments in Asia.

Consumer behaviour in Cambodia - Dissertation Example

However, massive industrial development in recent years caused Malaysia still facing a number of environmental problems due to an increase in urbanization and vehicle use. This shows that Malaysia has low public awareness on recycling as compare with Singapore. An article in Bernama shows that littering was a common legal offence in Penang.

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Surprisingly, the main reason caused the river pollution was littering by Penang residents, no longer caused by industrial waste. Besides, Malaysia realized that investing in environmental protection become increasingly important.

Research Objectives

This is to certify that the thesis titled “The Impact of Factors Influencing the Buying research done in consumer behavior is based on motivational research. Dissertation report “Consumer Behavior towards online shopping of Smart Phones in Malegaon City”. The purpose of the research was to study the consumer behavior in online shopping of smart phones especially in Malegaon. LITERATURE SURVEY This chapter reviews the previous online.

Therefore, environmental awareness is building up. Currently, several other initiatives are being implemented by government to encourage consumers and industries to fully practice energy efficiency.

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For example, phase out incandescent light bulbs in order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Moreover, a scheme set up by government known as Green Technology Financing Scheme was aim to promote industries for utilise low carbon and resource efficient technologies. Nowadays, environmental problems have caught the attention not only for worldwide citizens, but also worldwide companies and institutions. Thus, from the perspective of consumers, concern for environmental will greatly influence their decision making in selecting or purchasing goods or products.

They are willing to purchase products from environmental friendly companies. Consumers who purchase those eco-friendly products and services will have positive effect on the environment. A new market was developed which known as green marketing. Those customers who concern about the environment and support green marketing are known as green consumers. Normally, this kind of consumers will practice their consumption behaviour by purchase green products that have less impact to their environment.

In additions, property sector also involved in concerning the environmental development by develop the green building such as Hotel Penage and 1 First Avenue, and Digi Technology Operation Centre Malaysia. Meanwhile, many corporate sectors in Malaysia have launched their respective green initiatives.

Besides that, consumers now are more care and aware of their consumption behaviour to the environmental impact. It shows that consumers now are more prefer on green products. This implies that there is increasing number of green consumers in the market. Although the green marketing create an opportunity to those marketers, but they still encounter some greatest challenges such as tendency of consumers acceptance towards green products, changes in consumers preferences, unfavourable consumers perception towards green products, high cost investment in developing in green marketing, misgiving of green advertising claim and others challenges.

Hence, companies who wish to sustain in this market should resolve all challenges encounter by them, advocate the contribution of consumers towards environment by purchase green products and deeply analyse on the consumers preferences towards green products. Meanwhile, companies should practice social responsibility by offering environmental friendly products. This can be the competitive advantage for those companies who wish to a leader in the green marketing.

Environmental sustainability is a matter which can not be ignored, so business organizations have to recognize the competitive advantages and business opportunities to be gained from green marketing although it may cost to the organization. Consumers also have to largely aware of the usefulness of adapting to the green products. Green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising.

Michael Jay Polonsky, Today, marketing parishioners of FMCG sector in Malaysia use environment friendly packaging and modify the products to minimize the environment pollution. However, there is a big argument among the marketing philosophers regarding attractiveness of green product to customers in developing country like Malaysia.

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