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India’s urban moment: The pressing need for a new thought architecture

Bommasandra village is a rural landscape struggling to negotiate its fast-urbanising boundaries. Typical of villages in India, large, sacred trees sit at street junctions, serving as landmarks and common meeting areas. Cattle, subsistence agriculture, fruit orchards and timber plantations dot the landscape in Bommasandra village.

Negotiating its rural-urban identity, Bommasandra village displays a mix of livelihoods from agriculture and poultry keeping, to engagement in informal sectors such as driving auto rickshaws and recycling waste. Nearby, the Bommasandra Lake provides water for agricultural purposes. On its periphery, construction of high rise buildings and slum settlements are common.

The Madiwala Lake, which was rejuvenated a few years ago, has been developed for recreational purposes like boating and pisciculture. One of the bigger lakes in the city, it is a common recreational space and attracts several migratory birds. However, after the lake was restored, entry is not free, raising the issue of what is accessible to public and to what extent. This has necessitated the rise of a robust real-estate sector in the city.

However, outcomes of this increased housing are not equally accessible to all people in the city. The growth of Bangalore has resulted in a real-estate boom in the city and its suburbs. But this growth is not inclusive and has deepened existing inequities. It is common to see gated communities with exclusive water and power supply the high-rise in the background , overlooking slums, which lack basic amenities. In notified slums, the situation is relatively better.

Urbanization Of China 's Urbanization

Pruning of trees and the subsequent treatment of wounds are probably the most important of all tree maintenance practices. With the migration of masses from rural to urban ares cities are overcrowded and vulnerability and exposure aspects accruing it are in the state of change Continue Reading. There used to be a temple in the previous settlement which was demolished in Economies are often molded by the location and cultures of which they are apart. As a result, the general standard of living has gone up. Nguyen et al. Also, with the advancement in technology, the work became specialized and can be done quickly with less time.

In villages, there is domination of caste, where people belonging to one caste live at the same area. But in urban areas, caste is not given much importance. Another difference between village society and urban society concerns the modes of production. In villages as a rule, only a predominant type of occupation, i. On the other hand, in cities there are different types of occupations for semi-skilled workers, the skilled artisans, the technicians and so on.

In rural society, there is no place for specialization.

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One individual performs all the jobs. Urban society is full of specialization, where one person is specialized only in one profession. In urban society because of scientific advancement, the process of work cannot be carried out without a specialist and specialization. In urban society, the process of work continues to change. This is not the case with rural society. Specialization and division of labour is therefore a very important factor that distinguishes rural society from urban society.

Rural and urban societies are also contrasted to one another as far as the social uniformity is concerned.

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Rural society has limited sphere of vocations, which are mostly caste-based; hence there is greater uniformity. In urban society, there is lack of social uniformity as people are engaged in different spheres of occupation irrespective of caste. The rural society has a traditional system of stratification. On the basis of this, the role and status of the individual is determined. In urban society, stratification is not based on traditions. In rural society, the status of an individual is determined by birth, this is not applied in urban society.

In rural society, the stratification is more or less static.

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It does not change. In urban societies, it changes with the change in values. Rural society lacks social mobility.

Key Differences Between Urban and Rural

People do not change their place, occupation and religion. In urban society, social mobility is very rapid.

Difference Between Urban and Rural

In rural society, the son generally follows the occupation of his father. His social status also remains more or less the same. In rural societies, occupations are determined by traditions and customs. Hence, social mobility is slow. In urban society, occupations differ according to the skill and capacity. Hence, mobility is faster as people move to other places looking for jobs.

Process of social change takes place at a very slow pace in rural society. In urban society, social change is very fast.

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In rural society, there is very little competition between people. Hence, very little social change is found.

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In urban society, there is much competition between the members of society, resulting in social change. Suffering from the pulmonary Tuberculosis, he is not able to treat himself in any of the government hospitals as most of his official papers were lost during the demolishment. Vicky Chauhan 36 , a blacksmith standing in his shop. He is hardly able to earn enough through the profession which he perceives as an art after he was forced to leave his roadside shop during the demolishment in Mukundilal Chauhan 62 , is one of the eldest members of the settlement.

Even the temporary settlement is in danger of being evacuated since the Delhi Metro construction is getting intense in the area. Pour publier des articles de Mondialisation. Accueil A propos Membres Boutique Contactez-nous. Our site in English: globalresearch. La source originale de cet article est Countercurrents.

Articles Par : Vishank Singh. Les USA quittent le nord-est syrien.

Urban Life vs. Rural Life Essay -- City Life Versus Country Life

Urban life means the people who live in the towns and cities. It also indicates the life of people who are exposed to a better living environment. Even decades after independence, India is replete with inequality so much so that it is But, it is essential that the residents of both rural and urban areas live in.

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