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Government Ethics identify the OGE's general ethical standards identify OGE standards related to property, gifts, and conflicts of interest identify OGE standards related to impartiality, misuse of position, and outside employment recognize the ethical standards government employees must adhere to. This course provides instruction on how the OGE defines ethical behavior within the government and how it works with executive branch agencies to implement ethics programs and guidelines. It also explores the OGE's key objectives including preventing conflicts of interest, ensuring impartiality in the performance of duties, and promoting high standards of integrity in the day-to-day operations of all executive branch departments and agencies.

1. Do Not Put Library Values Before Core Human Values

This course is intended to meet the training requirements under Executive Order and Executive Order outlining agency responsibilities on the principles of ethical conduct for government officers and employees. Please note, however, that the course materials and content are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Dennis Kozlowski was an effective leader for Tyco in his first few years as CEO, but eventually faced criminal charges over his use of company assets.

File-sharing program Napster sparked debate over the legal and ethical dimensions of downloading unauthorized copies of copyrighted music.

Employees bought electronics on government card, then sold them for profit.

The essential elements of compliance are that an individual researcher knows the rules and that he or she is motivated to follow the rules. It is legally required for funding agencies and research institutions to take punitive actions against researchers who fabricate. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State. The federal officials who proposed this algorithm also cited the example of the Facebook suicide prevention mechanisms, which allows Facebook users to report suicidal content to the company. Like this: Like Loading

Journalist Caleb Hannan outed the subject of his article, Dr. V, as a trans woman, sparking debate over the ethics of his reporting, as well as the role of the article in Dr.

V's suicide. Did the dispatch of U. A heated debate ensues over whether or not the Confederate flag should be removed from the South Carolina State House grounds. In the wake of racially motivated offenses at Yale and the University of Missouri, student protests sparked debate over the roles of free speech, deliberation, and tolerance on campus. What should social workers do when their personal values come in conflict with the clients they are meant to serve?

When an intern witnesses a donor making a large gift to a non-profit organization under misleading circumstances, she struggles with what to do next. The Veterans Administration's new incentives were meant to spur more efficient and productive healthcare for veterans, but not all administrators complied as intended.

Confessions of a Policy Analyst: Ethical Dilemmas Facing Economic Professionals in Government

During the Holocaust, ordinary German men become willing killers in the reserve police battalions even though they could have opted out from murdering their Jewish neighbors. A medical doctor must make a difficult decision when informing patients of the effectiveness of flu shots while upholding institutional recommendations. In the wake of the No Child Left Behind Act of , parents, teachers, and school administrators take different positions on how to assess student achievement.

When the Lied Animal Shelter faces a spike in animal intake, an advertising agency uses its moral imagination to increase pet adoptions. Egil Krogh was a young lawyer working for the Nixon Administration whose ethics faded from view when asked to play a part in the Watergate break-in. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh argued that drug abuse was a choice, not a disease.

He later became addicted to painkillers. Two black men meeting at a Starbucks were arrested and detained for trespassing after an employee called the police on them, prompting the company to implement a "racial-bias" training across all its stores. Bankruptcy lawyer John Gellene successfully represented a mining company during a major reorganization, but failed to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

Ellen Pao stirred debate in the venture capital and tech industries when she filed a lawsuit against her employer on grounds of gender discrimination.

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A set of ethics case studies from physics research, with an activity of Health and Human Services (xinubusacigu.ml). An article receives federal funding is required to have a review board to oversee research involving human subjects. More than 50 case studies match ethics concepts to real world situations. Was Edward Snowden's release of confidential government documents ethically and ethical dilemmas for U.S. state and federal authorities, while intensifying.

One month after Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency, Gerald Ford made the controversial decision to issue Nixon a full pardon. Nursing staff and family members struggle with informed consent when taking care of a patient who has been deemed legally incompetent. Debate has emerged over the ethics of prenatal diagnosis and reproductive freedom in instances where testing has revealed genetic abnormalities. After Robin Williams took his own life in , news media covered the story in great detail, leading many to argue that such reporting violated the family's privacy.

An influx of children migrants in posed a number of logistical and ethical dilemmas for U.

18 Of The Most Outrageous Military Ethics Violations

A researcher makes the difficult decision to retract an article published in a peer-reviewed journal after the results of the original research cannot be reproduced. In the wake of questionable social media use by college athletes, the head football coach at the University of South Carolina bans his players from using Twitter. Following the deregulation of electricity markets in California, private energy company Enron profited greatly, but at a dire cost.

Freedom of speech was put on trial in this case involving the Westboro Baptist Church and their protesting at the funeral of U. Marine Matthew Snyder. Nazi officer Franz Stangl was the most effective administrator in Poland, killing nearly one million Jews at Treblinka, but he claimed he was simply following orders. A middle school history teacher was put on leave when teaching about blackface in relation to racial segregation laws, sparking discussion over how to teach about stereotypes.

Code of Conduct for United States Judges

Despite the indisputable and overwhelming evidence of the innocence of the Central Park Five, some of the officers and lawyers involved in the case refuse to believe it. Legal and political fallout follows from the leak of classified information that led to the identification of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

When faced with growing losses, investment banker Nick Leeson took big risks in attempt to get out from under the losses. He lost. How can companies promote positive treatment of employees and benefit from leading with the best practices? How can tech companies and government organizations strike a balance between maintaining national security and protecting user privacy?

When a white actor was cast for the half-French, half-Vietnamese character in the Broadway production of Miss Saigon , debate ensued on ethical representation in the performing arts.

In , the Welfare Reform Act changed how government-funded welfare operated in the U. A Million Little Pieces James Frey's popular memoir stirred controversy and media attention after it was revealed to contain numerous exaggerations and fabrications.

Download Abramoff: Lobbying Congress After super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff was caught in a scheme to lobby against his own clients, many questioned whether a corrupt individual or a corrupt system was to blame. Download Arctic Offshore Drilling Competing groups frame the debate over expanded oil drilling off the coast of Alaska in varying ways depending on their environmental and economic interests.

Download Banning Burkas: Freedom or Discrimination? Download Bullfighting: Art or Not? Download Buying Green: Consumer Behavior Do purchasing green products, such as organic foods and electric cars, give consumers the moral license to indulge in unethical behavior? Download Cadavers in Car Safety Research Engineers at Heidelberg University insist that the use of human cadavers in car safety research is ethical because their research can save lives. Download Covering Female Athletes Sports Illustrated stirs controversy when their cover photo of Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn seems to focus more on her physical appearance than her athletic abilities.