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Contrastingly in The Loaded Dog Lawson firstly opens the story by helping the reader visually imagine a world filled with humour and foolishness. The accumulation and alliteration, They had a big black young retriever - or rather an overgrown pup, big, foolish, four footed mate draw our attention into visually imagining the size and youth of the dog, so that we visually see how unaware the dog is of the damage he can cause. Who was always slobbering round them and lashing their legs with his heavy tail that swung like a stock whip, the onomatopoeia visually helps the reader see the friendly enthusiasm of the dog whilst the physicality of this energy is further depicted in our minds through the simile.

The hyperbole and personification in most of his silliness creates a clear picture in the readers mind of the dogs friendly, joyful nature, a characteristic that is vital in creating the humour of the story as his joyful enthusiasm becomes incongruous with the danger of the stories climax. Lawson visually enables the reader to picture this carefree world, joyfully impacting their emotions.

Essay Henry Lawson Distinctively Visual

Covell in The Most Beautiful Thing visually creates a climatic change within the unfolding of his story filling this once isolated world with love and affection. The upbeat background music has an effect on the audiences visually perspective towards how they perceive the protagonists state of wellbeing.

centlenfightabmo.ga The background lighting is visually seen to become lighter effectively giving off this ora to the viewer that his life is becoming happier. Changing the audiences visual perspective of the protagonists current life.

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The break in the non-dialogue pattern visually allows the audience to picture this as being a step towards a brighter future for the protagonist, as they imagine this symbolically meaning that they are not going to live in silence anymore. The medium shot positioning the two characters embracing at the end contrasts with the beginning shot of the protagonists being alone, visually making the audience picture for the first time the protagonist as no longer being an outsider.

Through the empathetic nature of Covells distinctively visual elements he is able to have a powerful affect on the reader, making point that an outsider only needs one person to make them feel accepted. Contrastingly in the unfolding of The Drovers Wife, Lawson helps the reader visually envision that although this world has not changed, the people inside have stayed strong and not crumbled in their troubles.

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One day she sat down to have a good cry, as she said - and the old cat rubbed against her dress and cried too. Then she had to laugh, The use of dialogue visually reveals the protagonists inner strength, as she finds sunshine in the darkest hours, visually painting her sense of character to the reader. The short sentence she thought how her husband would feel when he came home and saw the result of years of labour swept away.

She cried then, Lawson does not dwell on painting a picture of her despair but rather on her efforts for the audience, visually giving dignity to her failures.

Henry Lawson

Lawson has an emotional impact on the reader through his view point that there will always be happiness in life if you search hard enough. Similarly in The Loaded Dog Lawson visually unfolds this story by showing how although the characters foolish nature got them into trouble, their world doesnt change.

The dash and truncated sentences in he sniffed at the cartridge twice, and was just taking a third cautious sniff when - , visually making the reader imagine the explosion for themselves. This anticlimax is highly distractive and avoids disrupting the humour of the story. Bushman say that kitchen jumped off its piles and on again, the hyperbole creates aural imagery, helping us see how powerful and the consequences of the blast was, confirming how much danger the men were in and how foolish they were for allowing the dog to take the cartridge.

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