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C person who helps so as to get a reward. D kind person who helps a stranger in distress. These people called citizen scientists are non-specialists who assist professional scientists. They are volunteers who collect and help to analyze data. They come from all walks of life. The term all walks of life refers to A the scientific world. C people from different fields. B the volunteer group. D people who are non-specialists. Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. Some of us do many routine activities without batting an eyelid. Sujana is very happy that his creation can help children to hold a spoon or grip a cup of water and enjoy sporting activities with greater ease. His Exercise 5 C Exercise 5 D 1. Slow C Rational Cloze 9.

This question is given in Section B of Paper 2. Ten questions will be asked based on a given stimulus, which can be in graphic or non-graphic form. Students need to find the correct information from the stimulus. How to answer? Study the stimulus carefully — read everything printed. Answers should be short and straight to the point. Spell your words correctly. Take note of punctuations in website addresses. Use the correct grammar form. Remember to… 1. Give only ONE answer per question.

Much more than documents.

Do not lift parts of the stimulus that do not answer the question. Duration Prize-giving Day 2. Organiser Oxford Press 3. Location 1st May 4. Fees Treasurer 5. Event Block B 6. Publisher District Education Officer 7. Closing Date Johor Bahru Polytechnic 8. Transportation Two hours and fifteen minutes 9. Committee Member RM Which of the following is related to venue?

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Looking for a Rain God, which is based on a true story, exposes us to the hardships faced by the people in Botswana and how one family in particular succumbs to the old practice of ritual killing. I cannot think of a more effective way of learning English than this because the English you have memorised will stay with you forever. Student need to have effective communication skill 1. He then spm Mrs. Out of love for her beloved son, Richard, Lilith willingly sacrifices her wealth.

RM Two hours and thirty minutes C. Lim Cheng Bock D. Hotel Vistana, Penang. Which of the following is an objective of a programme? To create awareness about the importance of recycling. Malaysian Nature Society C. Under 18 category D. Which is a benefit of swimming? Freestyle C. Builds muscle strength D. Improves speaking skills March-past B. Raising of the flag C.

Sports House T-shirt D. Track and field events Which is a speech title? Journey to the Centre of the Earth B. How to improve your English C. The cat has brown fur. An effect of smoking is … A. Cigarettes B. Lung cancer C. Passive smoker D. Which is related to a category? Under 18 B. Happy C. Person in charge D.

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Family members Which is country of origin? Johor Bahru B. Modern and clean. Foreign D. Indonesia An ingredient. Garlic B. Chicken curry C. Malay cuisine D. Spatula An academic qualification. A degree B. A signature. A university. A timetable. Figs Milk Olive Oil This nourishing fruit is a cure Drinking milk is the best Olive oil is an excellent for piles and helps those who prevention for osteoporosis treatment for skin and hair have gout.

Fresh figs are as it strengthens the bones. It also delays old Apart from that, it helps to preferred to dried ones. Barley Melon Honey This cereal is recommended for Melon purifies the bladder and It is considered as the best cough and fever. Barley is the stomach, and improves the remedy for diarrhoea when soaked in water, and then drunk spinal fluid and eyesight.

Other for coughs and sore throats. A Melons should not be eaten first uses involve creating appetite, soup made from barley is good in a meal. If you have stomach problems, you can drink honey mixed with hot water. Milk makes the bones stronger, thus preventing osteoporosis. Those who have fever can drink soup made from barley. How do you treat coughs and sore throats? You soak barley in water, then drink the water.

Which two types of food help improve your eyesight? Mun Foong Wear Looking for lasting shoes? Well, be amazed with the Trendy evening gown at very selection at Shoe Court reasonable price. Its high quality will turn or simply bought off the others green with envy. Shoe Court — at your service.

Do you often have headaches and blur vision? A wide range of spectacles frames to choose from. Popular items at Tong Optometrists guarantees a offer prices! Famous titles by popular writers! Drop by satisfactory solution. Offer lose out! Complete the table below for a quick and easy reference.

Special features Shop to visit Product sold Money back guarantee 1. Evening gowns [1m] The following people need to visit one of the shops featured in the advertisements above. Suggest the shop that best fulfills their needs. What is claimed by Mun Foong Wear?. Ngeh has large feet. Suli has been invited to a dance and she needs a fashionable outfit. Saturday 24 August Registration and briefing Juniors years Time : 9,30 a. Seniors 13 — 17 years Delivered fast, whether eating in or take away and even right on Your door step! Questions For each of the description below, complete the table with the correct type of cuisine.

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Description Cuisine 1. Spicy and hot [1 mark] 2. No artificial flavouring [1 mark] 3. Mouth-watering pizzas [1 mark] 4. Tasty meatloaf [1 mark] Based on the menus, answer the following questions.

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What other service is provided by the Home of Pizza? What ingredients are used in the meatloaf of home-cooked cuisine? Robert is looking for something that will put his taste buds on fire. Which cuisine should he order? Sumita would like something fast and cheap. Which menu is her selection? Wei Na is yearning for some calf meat. Which menu will she order? Seminar at Dewan Purnama Organised by Putra Youth College A special seminar to prepare young people of all races to face the challenges of life will be held from 8 a.

There will be talks, workshops, games and activities to stimulate your minds, stretch your imagination, challenge your thinking powers and trigger your creative sparks. This is a chance in a lifetime to find out more about yourself and learn how to unleash that power to serve you best. A minimal fee of RM20 is charged for food and drinks that will be served through the day.

Register now to avoid disappointment. Organiser ……………………… …………………………………….. It is situated on the sea front in Newtown and has two restaurants seating a total of people, plus conference and function rooms able to cater for a further The person appointed will be responsible to the Food and Beverage Manager for all kitchen operations including purchasing, gross profit control, menu compilation and staffing.

He or she will have a full-time staff of fifteen including porters. The candidate must have received professional training and obtained a diploma qualification. The successful candidate will be paid a monthly salary of not less than RM for a five-day week, including some late evenings.

Prospects for promotion within the company are excellent. Telephone, or write giving brief details of age, training and experience to A. Establishment: Location: 2. For Cycle under the trees. Bring aluminium, clothes, to the RM See a tree near the waterfall; spots rainforest cycling experience.

No traffic, no exhaust fumes, is recycled. Open to all children the Greenbugs Youth group. Herbs and 2. If you are not free, you can choose any of the above activities. The people commented on their favourite activity on World Environment Day. Sheila It was an enlightening experience, learning about various plants that can cure many ailments. Joe It was very entertaining. The music and costumes were very good. Harris I did not know that I could win a prize with my creativity and poster colours.

Leong I finally understand how to make my own writing materials from old newspapers. Sita The fresh air and exercise were unforgettable. No traffic jams, no traffic lights…it was heaven Imagine that you took part in all the events on World Environment Day. You are to write a short article on your experience. Refer to the information and complete the article below. I also saw old paper being recycled into new paper. After this event was the wonderful sketch performed by talented youths. Then complete the organiser below. Good morning, boys and girls. I am Dr. Suresh from the Friends of the Environment Society.

Today I am here to give a talk on climate change, its causes and how we can make a difference. Climate change is a very hot topic nowadays. We have seen the impact of climate change on our environment: melting of icecaps, rising sea levels, heat-waves and storms. There are also negative effects on human health such as malnutrition , heat stress and respiratory diseases It is important to understand what causes climate change and what we can do about it.

One of the causes of climate change is the rise in greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. More and more land that was covered with vegetation has been cleared to make way for houses. Natural resources are being used extensively for construction, industries, transport and consumption. Consumerism, that is our increasing want for material things, has increased by leaps and bounds, creating mountains of waste. Also, our population has increased to an incredible extent. All these have contributed to the rise in greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

It is a big problem but there are many little things we can do to make a difference. If we try, most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from activities we carry out every day. I am sure you all have learnt that these greenhouse gases trap energy in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer. Whenever we use electricity, we help put greenhouse gases into the air. Turn off lights, fans or air-conditioning when you leave the room.

Turning off the television and the computer when you are through with them can help a lot in saving energy. Do not throw away things that can be recycled. We can recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags and newspapers. When we recycle, we send less trash to the landfill and we help save natural resources, like trees, oil and elements such as aluminium.

We can also sell old newspapers and aluminium cans to those who are in the recycling business. In this way we not only make some pocket money, but we also help save the environment. With that boys and girls, I end my talk. I hope all of you will help make our Earth a better place to live in.

Bones are a very important part of the human body. We have approximately bones when we are born. Between 13 and 18 years of age, our softer bones fused into the bigger ones so by the time we are an adult, our bone count drops to There are four different types of bones in our body — the long bones of the limbs, short bones of the hand and feet, flat bones of the skull and irregular bones of the knee caps and spinal column. The human body needs the support of the skeleton.

The skeleton also protects many of the vital organs of the body such as the lungs and the reproductive system. However, bone mass can be depleted with age. We require calcium for the growth and the repair of bones throughout life especially after the age of thirty to thirty-five when bone density starts to decrease. There are two things to do to preserve bone health. One of them is to meet the daily requirement for calcium by taking food rich in calcium. Calcium-rich food includes dark vegetables like broccoli, non-fat and low-fat dairy products, nuts, seaweeds and seed.

Besides taking care of our diet, regular exercise is good for strengthening our bones. Holiday for two 2 days 1 night in Langkawi Laguna Resort. LaBelle Perfume Be pampered with the complimentary Gorgeous scent of amber and wood in an massage at our Sari Spa and a elegant bottle.

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The fresh smell of the complimentary breakfast for two, perfume will make you ladies fell energised all day. Kinomitz drink Darla Rini This is the first collagen drink bags designed for men. It is You will be totally infused with collagen satisfied with our peptide that promises latest collection of to smooth wrinkles bags. We combine and restore skin functionality, style vitality. You will love our selection This is a self-help book of spots attire that includes our latest design that writes about the 10 of football boots. This book will help motivate you to be a better student and worker who are both effective and positive.

A gift suitable for ambitious A gift for Mr. Bernard Chua, a year- Jayanthi who dreams of old man who is really concerned about becoming a director of her own the wrinkles on his face: company: 2. The festival showcases the best of the Malaysian and international landscape and horticulture industry, from commercial landscape products to garden design showcases and flower displays.

Held annually at the Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya, exhibitors from Malaysia and foreign countries create exceptional displays and presentations in a beautifully landscaped environment, featuring gorgeous gardens, a floral carpet in a kaleidoscope of colours, floral arches, alleys and avenues.

There are entries from the organiser, corporate participants, universities and schools. Floral Pavilion A temperature-controlled marquee, the Floral Pavilion features cut flowers in floral arrangement competitions and displays. Participants from over 10 foreign countries harness their creativity, innovativeness and skills to produce breathtaking and stunning displays.

Art Square An attraction for those who love art, craft and paintings, the exhibition and retail lots at the Art Square sell art and craft inspired by plants, landscape and nature. Daily art and craft activities will be held at the designated booths. Garden Bazaar Get the best deals for gardening products, garden furniture, tools and plants at the garden retail area. Activities Over daily activities, entertainment, edutainment, workshops and demonstrations held daily.

Besides, there are garden, floral arrangement, nature photography, watercolour and other competitions. Tong Optometrists 2. Spectacles 3. Shoe Court 4. Shoes 5. Your Bookshop 6. Books 7. Mun Foong Wear 8. High quality 9. Shoe Court Mun Foong Wear Practice 2 1. Cycling Federation Malaysia 2. Kota Aman Park, Damansara 3. Pixel Sportswear 5. Ace Mountain Bikes 6. Spring Mineral Water 7. Certificates and cash vouchers Practice 3 1. Greek Set Lunch 2. Authentic Italian Food 3. Home of Pizza 4. Home-cooked Cuisine 5. Delivery 6. Potatoes and fried egg 7. Adventurous 8. Greek Set Lunch 9.

Putra Youth College 2. Dewan Purnama 4. Friday 6. Workshops 7. Games 8. Don Wise 9. The Power in You RM20 Practice 5 1. Chef de Cuisine 2. Splendide Hotel 3. Newton 4. Food and Beverage Manager 6.

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More than RM 9. Five years Botanic Walk 2. Magic Forest Talentime 3. Recycling Demonstration 5. Cyclethon 6. Kinomitz drink 2. Self-help book 3. LaBelle Perfume 4.

Much more than documents.

Answer Sample of SPM Directed Writing (Speech) - Free download as PDF File . pdf) or read online for free. This is an answer sample of Directed Writing of. SPM English/Bahasa Inggeris Paper 1. SPEECH WRITING Speech and essay samples good role model - inspire people, lead by example.

RM20 gift voucher 5. Holiday for two 6. Collagen peptide 9. Showcase Gardens 2. Floral Pavilion 3. Art Square 4. Garden Bazaar 5.

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Read the passage and do not worry if you come across unfamiliar words. Sometimes, it is not necessary to understand every word you read. Read the questions carefully. Questions sometimes contain words found in the passage. Use these words to help you identify the part of the passage where the answer can be found.


You do not have to answer questions in complete sentences 5. You can lift words, clauses or sentences from the passage to answer questions. You do not have to use your own words unless you are told to do so. Be careful not to over lift. For questions on vocabulary, if you are asked for a word, then give only ONE word and nothing else.

Make sure you spell the word correctly. If you are asked for a phrase, then give the relevant phrase. Some questions require you to use your own words and you must do so.

Answer Sample of SPM Directed Writing (Speech)

Do pay attention to pronoun used in the questions when formulating your answers. Read the question carefully. Identify the focus of the question 2. Mark the first and last lines of the passage you are asked to refer to. Then select information that is relevant to your answer.

To do this, underline the relevant lines or ideas as you read the text. Do not repeat ideas or take lengthy examples. However, make sure that the meaning is not changed. Begin the summary with the 10 words given. Adhere to the word limit. Anything short of the word limit means you lack content. Pay attention to the tense and most importantly pronoun used. These books can range from reference books to encyclopedias, journals, magazines or even fiction books. However, we lack the knowledge to convert these books into a home library.

The books are normally stacked in boxes and left in the attics or storerooms to collect dust. A home library is a little area of space in a corner 5 of a home or even a small room where we can place all our reading materials, references and electronic resources. A home library can be turned into a cosy room of references by the family members. Here, the family may run activities that are related to reading such as games like Scrabble, chess, word puzzles and crossword puzzles.

Materials such as reading tools can also be placed in the home library. Some examples of such reading materials are the dictionaries, atlas, encyclopedias, manuals on bikes or cars, recipes or even telephone directories. There are a vast collection of novels, picture books, magazines, family photo albums and articles that can be collected by the family members for reference. Other added collections to the home library are videotapes, cassettes, CD-ROMs, board games and even brochures. A 20 home library can help to foster a long-life love for reading among the family members.

Children can be given the opportunity to be exposed to reading books at a young age. Indirectly, the young readers can be inculcated with the love for reading. Reading can be made as one of the activities for the family members. The parents can guide the children to read books and at the same time, foster 25 good family relationships. Children can also be fostered to adopt a positive attitude to appreciate reading materials and knowledge that can be of value to them. In the long run, the family members can develop their reading process. A home library enables the family members to read materials within the confines of their own homes.

The materials can be easily accessed at any time. Moreover, the 30 reading activities can be carried out to improve the thinking skills of family members. A family can also sit together to test their command of vocabulary through Scrabble, a crossword puzzle and a list of other board games. There are also games that challenge the mind that can be stored in this home library. Some bookshelves will be needed to make the place presentable. Another way is to arrange the books according to the types and interests. Get your home organized and have a corner of your room or even a special room to get this place started.

You may be surprised that your family members will actually need such a room. A home library is a little area of space in a corner of a home or even a small room where one can keep reading materials, references and electronic resources. Line 5 to 7 b which word in this paragraph has the same meaning as the word comfortable? List two kinds. Lifting allowed, line 11 to 12 29 From paragraph 5, state two advantages of having a home library. Lifting line 23 30 From paragraph 7, a where can one get help to run a home library? Get the help of the state public library management on how to run a home library.

Line 41 to One example ….. I reckon some of you do not have any idea on what the activity is about. Well, it is my pleasure to give an overview about it. All of us including the teachers and parents are required to assemble there before 8. The event will be flagged off at 8. We will start at the Millennium Square and the finishing line will be at the main entrance to the Millennium Hall. The estimated distance is about 5 kilometers. We will be passing the highway bridge, golf course, railway station, housing estate and the ostrich farm. The main objective of the event is to raise some money to be donated to the Cahaya Old Folks Home in Subang.

They need the money, to do some renovations to build a better recreational centre. Besides, we also hope the parents will kindly donate some food and clothes. Teachers and friends, Moreover, the participants who will take part in the walk are students, teachers, school staffs and not forgetting our parents. Prizes will be given to the first ten winners. Every participant has to pay RM10 in order to participate in this event. These companies have agreed to sponsor the prizes, caps, T-shirts and soft drinks for the participants. By participating in this event, you can reap numerous benefits.

You will learn to love and care for the lonely elderly people. You can burn the fats in your body by taking part in the walk. Home; General Guidelines; Common Pitfalls; You, too, attended the camp and you have been asked to write a report for the school magazine. SPM Sample Essay — iiumchessmaster. Study English 4. Check this one out!

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