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The Indian Premier League has come under the shadow of a betting racket once again, with three people being arrested by police for alleged connection with such activates, NDTV reported. According to reports, police officials are also not discounting the possible involvement of two Gujarat Lions GL players in the operation.

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Watch what else he said. Watch this report…. According to reports, the board has decided to tape telephone calls of all players in the PSL, with cricketers warned to be careful about any….

Watch this video. Eventually the batsman reported the matter to his team's security manager, who rang up the alarm bells at International Cricket…. Flanked by two policemen and his face covered with a black cloth, one of the most recognisable sportsmen in India kept his head….

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You owe money to an illegal New York bookie, and you want to report them to the Well anyway you can run to the police in your jurisdiction or his I suppose. I'm in the process of reporting a bookie to the police for constantly harassing me at my work place. This bookie used to be a friend of mine, but.

According to Jauhar police station, Mian Khurram resident of Wafaqi Colony used to gamble on cricket matches along with his accomplices. Police conducted a raid and arrested them all red handed and recovered millions of rupees. Police also recovered…. Haider fled the Pakistan team hotel in Dubai last November hours before a one-day international against South Africa. He flew to London where he applied for asylum after saying that an unknown person had threatened….

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Report bookie to police

Toggle navigation. To support the Campaign position there were references to ten articles in national newspapers and one local newspaper article. But it does not provide any comparison with bingo halls, adult gaming centres, family entertainment centres, pubs or clubs.

Almost Alleged Bookmakers Arrested by State Police

Therefore Mr. George provides no evidence whatsoever to support his key claim.

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The bookies have been exposed for not requiring all crimes on premises to be reported but there is no evidence that any other gambling sector has engaged in such crime statistics manipulation. Betting shops frequently operate with single staff working alone who are often young, often female, often part-time and often on minimum wage or not much above.

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These staff members are sadly subject to abusive language and behaviour from disgruntled FOBT gamblers on a regular basis. Furthermore, betting shop managers are not trained to the same standards as pub managers.

With that level of self-exclusion failure, how can anyone have any confidence that the bookies are diligently compliant with Suspicious Activity Reporting SAR , identifying possible money laundering or use of proceeds of crime? Mr George claimed that there are a similar number of SARs reported in around 9, betting shops as there are in around casinos.

But it is not the number of venues that should be considered for comparison, it is the number of gamblers and the cash turnover. And if money-laundering and gambling with the proceeds of crime is actually more frequent in betting shops than casinos, then a similar number of SARs is indicative of failing compliance diligence by the bookies.

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George also failed to provide data on police call-outs to gambling premises. The latest figures show that police are called out an average of 1. Bearing in mind that betting shops are generally smaller than those premises and generally have less visitors per premises, there should be far fewer police call-outs per premises to betting shops.

This discrepancy, together with restricted reporting to police by bookies, is clear evidence that betting shops are more dangerous than arcades and bingo halls. The Gambling Commission is currently evaluating the level of money-laundering risk on a per premises basis.

New Berlin man charged as sports bookie

The purpose of this evaluation is to advise government which gambling sectors should be included in the 4th EU money-laundering directive. Whilst DCMS wants to claim this shows gamblers are taking more conscious control of their staking, the real lesson is that they are consciously deciding to remain anonymous.

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Mr George totally ignores that betting shops are the most dangerous places to gamble as they contain the most dangerously addictive form of gambling - FOBTs.