Robbins essay and the axiomatization of economics

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Why Economics Needs Philosophy with Prof Julian Reiss

Balzer , Wolfgang and Hamminga , Bert , eds. Philosophy of Economics. Dordrecht, NL : Kluwer.

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Introduction: The New Philosophy of Economics

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Reinventing Homo Economicus?

Roger E. Defining Economics: The Long Road to Acceptance of the Robbins this paper traces the reception, diffusion and contesting of the robbins definition, arguing that this process took around three decades and that even then there was still significant dissent. Philosophy of Economics Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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Encourage diversity of conceptual frameworks in economic research. This view of scarcity as a relationship between limited means and multiple ends that are hierarchically ordered and that can be progressively compared is what I call formal scarcity 60 ; it is also what the second part of Robbins's definition integrates. The science historian Yves Gingras [] relates the notorious incident at the award ceremonies for the Bank of Sweden Prize as follows:. This change not only breaks with the false limits imposed by the wealth-type definitions on the subject-matter, it also widens the scope of the science, making it clear that some activities which were not previously considered economic actually had an economic aspect. In spite of what it may seem at times, Lagueux is not simply equating economic action with meaningful action.

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