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Chinese students in the United States from 19th Century to 21st Century
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Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in , following the guideline of unity among all ethnic groups for common prosperity and drawing on China's historical experience and the useful practices of other countries, always with a view to China's actual situation, the Communist Party of China CPC and the Chinese government have carved out a path for the successful solution to ethnic issues with Chinese characteristics, exercised the ethnic policy featuring equality, unity, regional ethnic autonomy, and common prosperity for all ethnic groups, thus forming a relatively complete ethnic policy system.

It is a long and complex history includes all dynasties with own memorable culture. China is an important country because it has 1. From Zhou dynasty marks the beginning of Chinese feudal history to the fall of the Qing dynasty in History of China China Fact Summary. Native Chinese speakers not only live in China, but also overseas Chinese communities all over the world.

Studying Abroad Essay

Unlike most languages, Chinese has a unique ideographic writing system, which provides visual comprehensibility. The grammatical structure of Chinese is not only logical, but also pragmatic, related to the particular way of Chinese thinking. International students choose to study Chinese language with the expectation of better employment opportunities in fields such as travel, news media, academics, diplomatic work, financial, trade, banking and a lot more.

International companies are competing for talents with Mandarin Chinese skills to be placed as executives for their China ventures. With China as an emerging economic superpower, understanding the Chinese language and the value acquired by speaking Chinese Mandarin is becoming increasingly important.

Chinese language is a family of closely-related but mutually unintelligible languages. These languages are known variously as regional languages, Chinese dialects or varieties of Chinese. Chinese language has hundreds of local dialects. Although there are many Chinese dialects, Mandarin is used by most Chinese people. Why Study Abroad in China Study abroad in China provides opportunities for international students to view things from Chinese perspective. I feel as if I am ranting, but the enthusiasm I have cannot be contained.

It is a nice mixture of both western and eastern culture, and probably the most international city in the world. As I have mentioned, I came here to leave my comfort zone and become fully immersed in China. I want nothing more than to immerse myself in this beautiful and incredibly complex culture.

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One last interjection: I came expecting to be squatting over a ceramic hole and have found a western toilet in my room. The masochistic side of me is oddly disappointed. Another display of the contrast between traditional and modern China. Jet lag is hitting me hard today. I woke up at a.

The once crowded city was silent and peaceful, and I could only see businessmen on their way to work and older people walking around clapping their hands together. I wanted to grab a coffee, but noticed that nothing was open. This is completely different than the U. Still beautiful in its own way, but it was so silent all I could hear were broom strokes from the public street sweepers.

Their perseverance can be applauded, but it seemed a very inefficient way to deal with the trash situation here.

Why I Choose Study In China

I could build a second Great Wall with the amount of tea-egg shells and cigarette boxes littered on the sidewalks. I had one of the most contradictory experiences of my life when visiting the Communist Party Museum. It is a place where the wealthy come to spend money on high fashion and incredibly expensive restaurants, with cuisines from all over the world. This shift is a force that cannot be reckoned with, and the people of Shanghai are the ones leading the wave.

Small portions at an expensive price, which is what you would expect at a restaurant such as this, but it was all worth it. I was beginning to worry about the price after they continued to order more and more food, but again my friend insisted he pay for the entire bill. After dinner we ventured around Shanghai, eventually ending up at a popular club.

Advantages to Studying Abroad

They had been studying in Shanghai for two years and gave me two really great websites to apply for a teaching position there next year. I really enjoyed being able to ask them questions about living in China as a westerner, and their answers only reinforced my desire to return.

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